Imos Wilson

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We are an international consulting and development company dedicated to the production of private label cosmetics, skincare and bath & body products.

IMOS WILSON has two divisions tailored to meet your needs.

From consulting and development to production and implementation, we cover all demographics and age ranges.

With worldwide sourcing capabilities, we are unique in our ability to offer clients access to full-service products from a variety of manufacturers and can also assist in the development of concepts, which range from small quantities to larger production runs.

We pride ourselves on providing clients with the latest technologies and quality formulations, assisting them in the creation of their vision.

Our extensive knowledge in beauty marketing and fashion trends makes us the perfect choice for the development of your cosmetic and skincare products.

With a dedicated staff of consultants and offices based in New York City and Milan, Italy, our team of product development experts works with clients across the globe to envision and create successful beauty brands.